Financial support provided by the Simons Foundation, MNiSW and IM PAN.


Scientific topics

Hyperkähler manifolds, K3 surfaces, Fano varieties, Calabi-Yau varieties, linear series.


Scientific organisers
Jarosław Buczyński (University of Warsaw and Polish Academy of Sciences) — coordinator,
Sławomir Cynk (Jagiellonian University in Cracow),
Tomasz Szemberg (Pedagogical University of Cracow). 

Technical matters
Łucja Farnik (Jagiellonian University in Cracow),
Maciej Gałązka (University of Warsaw),
Maks Grab (University of Warsaw),
Joachim Jelisiejew (University of Warsaw).

The Targeted Grant to Institutes of Simons Foundation is administered at IMPAN (Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences). Also IMPAN provides further financial support for the activity. Supplementary funding is provided by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW)


Time range

The activities start in Warsaw on Monday April 18, 2016 (Sunday April 17th will be the default arrival day), and conclude with a closing conference in Będlewo (near Poznań).


Events and scientific activities

In between, there were lectures, seminars and lecture series by the participants and short term guests (all in Warsaw). The schedule of activities during the nine weeks of minisemester is presented here

In publications an acknowledgement "This work was partially supported by the grant 346300 for IMPAN from the Simons Foundation and the matching 2015-2019 Polish MNiSW fund” would be appreciated.

Participants are also kindly asked to add a "Report number" to all publications posted on, which are related to participation in the mini-Semester on Algebraic Geometry in Warsaw 18.04-18.06.2016. The code to add is:


One can add this code:
1) upon a submission of the paper,
2) upon submitting a revision,
3) without changing the paper.

For 1), and 2), one just adds the report number as a part of Metadata.
For 3), in personal arxiv account, click "journal-ref" and add the code in the field "Report number".






Financial support provided by the Simons Foundation, MNiSW and IM PAN.



The proceedings of miniPAGES are published as a volume of Banach Center Publications, see details here


Further information

You can find some information about the Simons semesters here: